Slingababy Ethos

You might be wondering what is different about Slingababy. A babywearing course is a babywearing course, right?!
Well, yes and no. Most courses will cover similar material but the emphasis will be very different depending on what drives the teaching.
At Slingababy, we believe that people matter, that confidence matters, that connection matters and above all, that love matters. 
What does this mean? It means that we understand the diversity of humans that we come across through Slingababy but also as customers for our consultants. We understand, we accept and we welcome those differences. We believe that when people feel embraced, feel accepted, they blossom. We believe this to be true for our students and also for the families that they support. By encouraging an open-minded approach to our teaching, we believe that families get to make choices that they feel confident with but also that they feel free to change their mind, to grow and accept that everything changes. Once people feel truly supported, they can love more freely, themselves and their families.
We also believe that this acceptance, this open-mindedness, this approach, leads to more kindness and more compassion which in turns improves society as a whole. We believe that loving is a political act.
Rest assured though that we do cover key technical aspects too and we will give you tools that will prepare you thoroughly to the many techniques, with the many carriers available.