Slingababy Story

Slingababy is Lorette Michallon’s brain child. Following the birth of her son in 2010, she discovered the wonderful world of carrying and quickly decided to train as a consultant. This led to another rabbit hole: training courses! After having attended 5 different courses, she felt that whilst all these courses had their unique sides, there was space for Slingababy’s approach and in February 2013, Slingababy was born.
The consultancy course grew from strength to strength and quickly received outstanding feedback which led to overseas students wanting local courses. Over the years, Slingababy has travelled to Ireland, New Zealand, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, South Africa, Portugal and Italy and students from 30 countries are represented within the Slingababy hug of consultants (hug is the collective noun for a group of Slingababy consultants).
Attending training courses to keep expanding our skills and knowledge is important to us so that rabbit hole is still relevant today, with more carrying courses but also courses that cover various topics such as doula, infant kinaesthetic handling, parenting, mental health, pelvic support wrapping and many more.
Expanding knowledge is not limited to our team but also available for our consultants. From the start of Slingababy, we have had two key aspects to continuous learning: all our consultants have the possibility and are encouraged to re-attend the course (free) and we offer free Continuing Professional Development (CPD) twice a year covering a very large variety of topics.
In 2015, Lorette went on maternity leave following the birth of her daughter and the wonderful Jody Deacon-Viney joined the teaching team.
In 2016, Suzanne Pearson joined the admin team. Suzanne attended the second ever course and is likely to be your first contact with Slingababy. Emily Taylor also joined the admin team to set up our website. Emily has many talents! She is a Slingababy consultant and can be mostly found at CalmFamily and It’s a Sling Thing (2 companies we recommend wholeheartedly). That year is also the year when we made the epic trip to New Zealand, where we launched a new course to train peer supporters and opened our sister branch Slingababy New Zealand who is ran by Corinne Rooney.
In 2019, our third course was launched: the feeding and carrying advocacy course, and in 2020, all our courses started being run remotely due to restrictions.
These first 10 years have been quite an adventure and we have made many friends along the way. We have over 770 consultants, over 160 peer supporters and over 140 carrying and feeding advocates! We call it our army of love, changing the world one cuddle at a time.