As part of the training, we ask our students to take on a project that will benefit the wider community. This can be done in many ways: articles, blog posts, instagram shares, youtube content, videos, leaflets, facebook shares, how-to guides….

At Slingababy we believe in giving back to our community. We are collectors of knowledge, we pass on what we learn in a neat package, the Slingababy way.
This is why our “coursework” is not like an exam. We are the unschoolers.

Sometimes, our students do not have the right platform to share their work and we will happily host it on our website.


So here is Fiorella Ferretti’s project:

LO SPAZIO NELLA COPPIA MAMMA-BAMBINO Approfondimento sul Babywearing




Spotlight on a Slingababy Consultant: Marta Mróz

Spotlight on a Slingababy Consultant: Marta Mróz

Can you give us a quick introduction as to who you are?
I’m Marta, Pole living in Italy (since 2006) with my family: two girls born in 2013 and 2016, husband nerd and two cats (polish one, that made 1700km from Poland 15 years ago in a car).
I’m a physicist, in a previous life I was a researcher, now I am just a lecturer. I love to find common points between the science, and in particularly physics, and babywearing. 
I started to work as a babywearing consultant in 2015 collaborating with different local associations.
Since 2018 I am a part of “Oasi delle Madri” project.
I collaborate with associations and the maternity home, running “on road” sling library.

Can you tell us more about your journey from carrying to becoming a consultant to now?
All started with 3 different stretchy wraps given to me by friends and my sister. My first girl was carried almost all the time, she had had reflux and it was our safe habour. I feel so good and confident with carrying that when she was 3 month old I took a train to Paris to reach my husband.
When she was 4 month old we bought our first woven wrap, a neobulle, and a baby carrier, a manduca. I found local consultants that guided us through.
We could not immagine our lives without slings!
In 2015 I did my first consultancy training course with Portare I Piccoli.
In 2016 I started a 2 years master in the art of parenting and gave birth to a preterm girl. She showed me a different meaning of babywearing, which was mostly that I was not trained and everything was not as expected.
I felt that I still needed to learn a lot! It took me a while to find the path that feels mine but as proverb says: “good things come to those who wait…but better to those who search for them”…in 2020 I did my Slingababy consultancy and Feeding and Carrying course.
These courses gave me a boost!

What is your favourite part about being a consultant?
The smile on parents /family’s faces, that is coming from very deep in their heart….to share moments both with laughters and cries (cries)….
This incredible feeling when few years after their consultation, parents are writing and sharing their new babywearing journey with their new child. 

Would you share a special memory that sticks out for you?
Presenting a workshop in 2018 at a babywearing conference, where I could merge my two passions: physics and babywearing. Linking physics with babywearing and making physics accessible and fun to all participants…I was presenting in both Polish and English “simultaneously”… and by the end my brain was muddled up and I added some Italian. But it was marvellous experience full of discussion.
I was invited again the following year and it was great experience.

What tip would you give yourself if you could get back to the time before you were a parent?
Do not be so hard with yourself. Ask if you need help. Learn a little bit more about a being a parent before becoming one.

Why did you choose to train with Slingababy?
I was searching for a while for a new training to learn something new, something different, to get something more than technique…I was hungry :-)
 I was searching and…then Slingababy website catch my eye – Lorette’s SMILE!
I FEEL that this is something that gives me butterflies. It was the best choice I have done!

Do you want to say a few words about your Slingababy experience?
The course was very intense…and full of caffe!
After those 4 full days, I needed time to settle all the information, feelings and experience.
This experience encourages you to a different way of thinking, out of the box thinking. It leads to long term conscious changes.
Being a part of Slingababy community is like a being in a big, open loving non-judgemental family.

How can people get hold of you?
On fb:: @MartaSlingababy
On IG:: @Martasek_Mroz
Website: and


Marta with her husband taking a walk in nature. Green trees behind them and the path going down. Smiling and carrying their daughters. Summer time.

International Pricing

Going online to teach has brought an amazing international dimension to our courses. We have always loved travelling and meeting people from various cultures but as always, money has been a barrier for many.
Since the start of Slingababy, we have been committed to making our courses affordable and to facilitate spreading costs.
Despite our efforts, finances are varying so much internationally and we are just out of budgets for some countries.
Recently we were contacted regarding scholarships and this led us to look into how we could find solutions to make it possible for everyone to get to our teachings.

We are so pleased to bring our solution forward and we are hoping it will help people from all over the world to access our courses.
We have decided to offer a pro-rata system per country depending on the average income for this country compared to the UK for all our remote and online courses.

Any country with an average income equal or above to the UK average income will pay our full prices (£575 for consultancy, £100 for peer support, £100 for feeding and carrying advocacy).
Any country with an average income which is lower to the UK average income will pay pro rata.

For examples:
India which has an average income of 10% of that in the UK will pay 10% of our course fees so £57.50 for consultancy, £10 for peer support, £10 for feeding and carrying advocacy.
Greece could access our courses for £230 for consultancy, £40 for peer support, £40 for feeding and carrying advocacy.

We would still offer our payment plan options to spread the costs.

As you may have guessed this is quite a gamble as our overheads in the UK are still high. We are therefore also launching a campaign to support Slingababy’s commitment to spreading its message of love through “buy me a coffee”  You can support us as a one-off or as a monthly membership.

So how do you find out, the price for your country? Just get in touch and we will do the maths! We are working on a table with most countries’ prices and have already got a few in.

Wishing you a wonderful European Babywearing Week and we’re hoping to hear from you soon!

flusso di coscienza – nascita Lotus, puerperio e portare in fascia

flusso di coscienza – nascita Lotus, puerperio e portare in fascia

stream of consciouness

Ho sognato la tua nascita una sola volta ed è stata davvero così. Accolta da donne e accompagnata da canti in una sera di luna calante.
È fine estate ed io deciso che atterrerai in questo mondo nel modo più dolce possibile. È un momento così particolare nella società, ma ciò non ti riguarda, tu vieni da lontano…e vieni anche da vicino. Sai molto più di noi, sai molto più di me.
Da dove arrivi tu sai già cosa devi fare e con potenza ti fai sentire, sei la spinta della vita. Sei saggia ed io ti voglio proteggere il più possibile. Stai nascendo in un momento difficile per molte persone. Io voglio accoglierti con delicatezza e voglio preservare ciò che porti. Decido per la nascita Lotus e che avrai con te placenta e cordone fino a che non deciderai di lasciarle andare.

Ho scoperto di aspettarti gli ultimi giorni del 2019, me lo sentivo da giorni di averti dentro. I primi due mesi sono stati di nausee forti e di dolori e dubbi e rabbia. Sentivo che non era questo il posto dove attenderti, volevo vedere il mare. Volevo respirare l’aria pulita. Sentivo lo smog della Pianura Padana, mi chiedevo cosa ci facevo qui io, io che vengo dal mare. Mi torturavo dicendomi che non era questo il posto dove volevo crescere i miei bambini, io li avrei voluti vedere selvaggi nella natura. Discutevo con tuo padre sul cambiare casa e città, per avvicinarci alla sabbia, ai prati o anche alle montagne.
All’inizio del terzo mese le nausee piano piano passano e stiamo meglio. tu vieni con me nel mio percorso con Slingababy. La rivoluzione dell’amore, le possibilità e le scelte in mano ai genitori. Io e tuo padre decidiamo di fare una decina di giorni con il camper coi tuoi fratelli. Giriamo tutta la costa toscana, vento e mare mosso ci impediscono per tre giorni di attraversare il mare e andare in Sardegna. Ci eravamo portati anche le chiavi di casa. Torniamo in Veneto e ci chiudono dentro. Inizia la pandemia. Lockdown.

È fine estate ed hai due fratelli. Abbiamo superato la 41sima settimana e allora osteopata, digitopressione e fratelli dalla nonna: io e tuo papà decidiamo di prenderci una giornata per noi. La sera coi tuoi fratelli andiamo al mare e dalla ruota panoramica già ti sento. Stai per nascere. La mattina iniziano le contrazioni, poi pausa. Via tutti, stiamo io e te. Eccole di nuovo. Non si fermano più. Arriva tuo padre, arriva la mia doula, arrivano le ostetriche e inizia il canto. Tierra mi cuerpo, agua mi sangre, vento mi aliento y fuego mi espiritu. Sei nata.

Sono stati giorni infiniti, giorni tristi, giorni surreali. Aggiornare le notizie di ora in ora per avere i numeri nuovi e i decreti, per sentire parlare la politica, per vedere chiudere tutto piano piano, per i numeri delle morti che crescevano, per le ambulanze che sentivamo, per i parchi chiusi, per le amiche e gli amici che non abbiamo potuto vedere, per le videochiamate, per la primavera che arrivava e noi chiusi in appartamento, per i tuoi fratelli e le loro corse sfrenate, per il tuo papà che ha deciso di chiudere anche se poteva tenere aperto, per chi ha perso il lavoro e per chi ha perso le persone care. Per i viaggi non fatti, gli sport non praticati, per non aver più visto i nonni e gli zii.

Io mi sento meravigliosamente bene. Mi sento potente, competente e felice. Sei nata in casa ed io mi sento forte. Già la mattina dopo potrei uscire, potrei portarti fuori ed accompagnare i tuoi fratelli al parco. La placenta ci obbliga a rimanere lì, preferibilmente nel letto, solo io e te.

Il 4 maggio il via libera tutti. Si può uscire. Porto i tuoi fratelli dalla montagna al mare. –stiamo fuori, sempre fuori. Mascherina e gel. Arriva l’estate ed è sempre mare. È la Gallura ed è la riviera veneta. Noi ti aspettiamo bambina mia, quello che succede nel mondo non ci importa.

Se non avessimo fatto una nascita Lotus già il mattino seguente ti avrei messo nella fascia ed avrei camminato. La placenta mi ricorda che ho appena dato alla luce una bambina, che ho bisogno di riposare anche se mi sento bene, che devo tenere riservata la mia forza, che devo tenere a bada la mia impazienza, che devo preservare questi giorni, che devo accoglierti piano, che gli altri non potranno toccarti, che nessuno oltre me ed il tuo papà ti prenderà in braccio, che il bagno, le misure, i pesi non sono necessari, che pulirti non serve, che il sangue è lì, è vita, che quello che ho creato è potente, che tu sei uno scrigno pieno di ciò che vorrai essere, che la tua venuta tra di noi è lenta, come è lento il tempo per essere accolta, che i tuoi fratelli a poco a poco aprono i loro cuori a te.

Il mio corpo ha fatto un lavoro immenso in queste 42 settimane, che non posso alzarmi ed affrontare ciò che c’è fuori anche se me la sento. Io devo rallentare, io posso andare piano in questo mondo veloce, io posso preservare questi giorni, io onoro me e te. Noi ci rispettiamo e andiamo lente.
Se non avessi fatto la nascita Lotus, ti avrei messa in fascia il giorno dopo il parto e quello dopo anche e quello dopo ancora, non avrei smesso.
Ho deciso diversamente, un po’ perché lo sentivo, un po’ perché non lo avevo provato del tutto coi tuoi fratelli. Ho capito solo dopo il profondo significato della nascita Lotus: rallentare, venire al mondo e dare alla luce piano, entrare nel puerperio, accompagnarti nella conoscenza del mondo così lentamente che i primi giorni siamo state sempre attaccate. Essere tra le braccia della mamma e del tuo papà.

La fascia, fedele alleata coi tuoi fratelli è arrivata molto presto. Il primogenito dopo 15 giorni e il secondogenito dal secondo giorno di vita. E tu, che mi hai conosciuta più competente e piena di risorse (grazie ai tuoi fratelli), hai aspettato qualche giorno. Non sarebbe stato facile metterti in fascia con il cordone ombelicale secco e la placenta con noi. Al quarto giorno si è staccato e abbiamo salutato la tua placenta.
Dopo qualche ora ti ho messa in fascia. Ero felice, ho preso coscienza di cosa sentivo, ho ascoltato tutto il mio corpo e no, non era ancora ora. Ho iniziato piano piano a portarti, per pochi minuti al giorno e via via crescendo. Dolcemente e lentamente. Il pavimento pelvico deve essere rispettato, lo sforzo che il nostro corpo ha fatto nei mesi della gravidanza e durante il parto deve essere onorato con il riposo, con la calma, con la pazienza.



Copyright – La fascioteca di Treviso di Libera Capuano

Spotlight on a Slingababy consultant: Laurna Hislop

Spotlight on a Slingababy Consultant: Laurna Hislop

Can you give us a quick introduction as to who you are?
I am a carrying consultant and sling library based in the Scottish highlands. I have been trained and working for 6 years.
I offer one to one sessions, workshops and training sessions. Recently I have been working online and offering the same to be able to support as much as I can.

Can you tell us more about your journey from carrying to becoming a consultant to now?
I started carrying 7 years ago when my daughter was born. We have a dog so I saw it as a practical thing only. Then when my daughter had Reflux I saw really how beneficial it was for her and also for my PND.
Luckily a local training session became available so I started when she was 6m. Then I looked and continued my development with full consultanncy training.
I am always learning and eager to take more training so I have more skills to offer my clients.

What is your favourite part about being a consultant?
Seeing that look of comfort, happiness, love, relief on a parents face when we find the right sling or carrier.
Seeing how much effect carrying can have on a parent and family is why I do what I do.

Would you share a special memory that sticks out for you?
I have so many.
I think the first time my daughter settled and fell asleep in the stretchy once I worked it out.
The relief I had and how I felt myself again. I was able to relax and have a cup of tea without her screaming in pain.

Also the first time I wrapped my son in hospital with all my knowledge and training. Being able to wrap him instantly while having a catheter!

What tip would you give yourself if you could get back to the time before you were a parent?
Book a session, read the instructions! You can get so much more out of a sling or carrier if you know how to use it properly. It makes all the difference!

Why did you choose to train with Slingababy?
Because I heard how empowering and amazing it was! And it was all true! Slingababy has been one of the best things I have ever done!

Do you want to say a few words about your Slingababy experience?
It’s mind blowing! I have reattended once and plan to again just because there is so much to learn. Even if you have been working and carrying for years, there is so much to each small step, it’s great to look at things in a different way.

Anything else you would like to say about anything?
Lorette is amazing 😉

How can people get hold of you?
You can get in touch at
Or on my facebook or Instagram, both under @coorieinwithlove

Laurna Hislop carrying her child on her back

Change, grief and joy

A  lot has changed in the last year. Of course, this comes as no surprise and I am sure has affected you also in many ways.

Slingababy moved to online teaching and the slings stayed in storage. We hoped things would return to the previous format but it looks like we will be in limbo for a while yet. After much pondering, I decided that it was time to let the slings go so they could return to their purpose of loving and connecting. So I packed my van full with the extensive collection and drove them to the amazing Jeni at Little Possums Pre-loved.
I was expecting a long task but I was not ready for the emotional journey I was about to embark.

You see, the sling collection is more than a bunch of slings. It is a collection of stories, anecdotes and feelings. It is my story, my mothering, my chapter and it is woven with many other lives along the way. I am sure many of you will identify with some of the aspects of this story.

It all started with the birth of my son in 2010. There was one sling (a Je Porte mon Bebe in lavender and chestnut), then there was a second so I could wash the first, then came the colour variations. After a few months of carrying, I went on my first consultancy course and discovered the extensive world of slings and possibilities. I was hooked. I wanted all the types, all the styles, all the options. At the time, I was feeling very lonely as my relationship with my son’s father was crumbling, so many of the early slings were bought to fill the void. It won’t surprise you that the void was not filled but the sling shelves were looking rather full. As I opened the school, the sling collection was modest and grew slowly to start with. From purchases of the heart, I started to add the practical ones. Really, it started with my loved slings and grew to a mix of personal ones and specifically purchased ones. As the school grew, I started to meet many manufacturers and the donations started to make their ways into the collection. When I got pregnant with my daughter, I was excited about the prospect of trying some of these new gorgeous slings. So overall, when I look at the sling collection, I see my children (now 10 and 6). I see the hard times and the good times. I see the parenting and the relationships. I see my growth. I see Slingababy. I see the many consultants and their growth. I see the boomerang slings. I see tears and laughter. I see friendships. I see times moving. I see life.

I am not a materialistic person. I live in a tiny home and enjoy a very simple life but these slings have been a big part of my life and as Jeni and I were going through the huge pile taking over her living room, I couldn’t help but feel all the feels come out*. I wanted to tell all the stories. I wanted to hold onto them that little bit longer.

I have now shed many tears and I know that there are more tears coming. As I am typing this post, more are making their way out of my heart and onto my cheeks. The grief…. The grief of the early years, the grief of change, the grief of the last year… A page is turning but I know that it is bittersweet, not just bitter. So I look at the joy and I think of the unknown new chapters coming to my life and Slingababy’s. I think of the collection of slings and imagine the joy they will bring. I hope they are loved. I sure did put a big piece of my heart in them.



If you don’t know about Jeni’s work check Little Possums Pre-loved on Facebook. She brings second-hand slings to families with extremely reasonable prices and payment plan options.
And if you fell in love with any of the slings during the Slingababy course, you may find it on her shelves.

If you end-up buying one of the slings from the Slingababy collection, please please please share a picture with us.

* the sling that opened the flood gates: Didymos Lena

Spotlight on a Slingababy Consultant: Emily Taylor

Spotlight on a Slingababy Consultant: Emily Taylor

Can you give us a quick introduction as to who you are?
I’m Em! I live in Coventry in the UK with my husband – who is also a Slingababy consultant – and two sons. Everyone in our house is neurodivergent, our children are home educated and I work from home running CalmFamily and It’s A Sling Thing so our life is pretty full and generally chaotic!

Can you tell us more about your journey from carrying to becoming a consultant to now?
When I was pregnant with my oldest child I firmly believed in all the baby books about schedules and teaching your baby to fit them. When my son arrived it became *very* quickly apparent that he hadn’t read any of them. I was presented with a child who screamed if he wasn’t held and wouldn’t sleep unless on me or my husband and then only for about 45 minutes anyway.
Paul had wanted to carry their son anyway so we’d started looking at carriers but once our son was here it became very much needed. I found a local sling consultant and we went along and learned to wrap. 7 months later I was well and truly hooked and setting up a sling library, having found a community of like minded parents locally and online. I’d learned much more about what is really going on with babies and believed passionately in slings as a tool. A friend mentioned Slingababy to me and I resolved to go!
Now I do much less sling specific work, because it has grown into something encompassing more general support for parents with the wonderful team at CalmFamily who welcomed me with open arms. But those early sleep deprived days are what led me here.

What is your favourite part about being a consultant?
My favourite part about being a consultant is seeing a family have that ‘click’ moment where it all makes sense and someone else is listening and supporting them in what they need rather than lots of people telling them what to do.
Seeing parents feel empowered to make choices which are right for them and their families is amazing. 

Would you share a special memory that sticks out for you?
A couple of years ago I was in the supermarket when a woman stopped me. I vaguely recognised her, but she told me that she had been one of the first people I had done a sling consult for way back in 2014 with her first baby, who was just a few days old at the time. She now has three children and had carried them all and wanted to thank me for helping her feel that her choice to carry was the right one for them and to support them to do so. It was such a wonderful thing to hear.

What tip would you give yourself if you could get back to the time before you were a parent?
Read the baby not the book! And follow the science…

Why did you choose to train with Slingababy?
Honestly I chose to train with Slingababy because it was local to me and that meant it was easy! But I’d also seen friends and people I admired talking about Lorette’s approach and it felt different to some other training options out there.

Do you want to say a few words about your Slingababy experience?
Training with Lorette was transformative for me. I don’t say that lightly – it literally transformed my life.
Not just in changing the work I did, or my approach to carrying, but in how I approached people and family and life.
Slingababy gave me a way of thinking not just a way of using slings, it gave me a community and it gave me people who I consider family. I am incredibly grateful to Lorette for her presence in my life.

Anything else you would like to say about anything?
If you’re considering training with Slingababy, do! I have done a lot of sling training and a lot of other training and the Slingababy experience is one of the best things I have ever done – I’ve revisited the course on multiple occasions as well to help with my continuing development.

How can people get hold of you?
You can find me on Facebook at CalmFamily and It’s A Sling Thing, our website is and you can find the rest of the ways to contact us there!

Emily Taylor and her 2 children

Spotlight on a Slingababy consultant: Becky Young

Spotlight on a Slingababy Consultant: Becky Young

Can you give us a quick introduction as to who you are?
I’m Becky and I run Northamptonshire Sling Library & Consultancy with a great team of consultants and peer supporters. We have been running since 2015 and in non Covid times hold sessions all over the county.

Can you tell us more about your journey from carrying to becoming a consultant to now?
I started carrying my eldest right after she was born as we had a very young puppy. She had hip dysplasia and I was very worried about getting it right. I went with a friend along to the nearest sling library and thought it was such a great service. Carrying became a huge part of our lives not just for practical reasons but also for the community that was built within our local area. We spent most days with friends we had met through sling meets. I did my peer support training in 2015 to help out at the library and loved it so much that I did my Consultancy training with Slingababy in 2016 at 34 weeks pregnant!

I continued carrying my eldest through my 2nd pregnancy where I could and then when my middle daughter was born with a complex genetic condition, it became a life line. Looking back now, I don’t know how I managed with it all but I do put a lot of our strong bond down to carrying. I hadn’t been able to hold her for some time when she was in NICU and when I finally could, it was very lovely not to have to put her down. It also allowed me to connect with my eldest who had been separated from us too. I am very glad I had completed my training before she was born. Something that has always stuck in my head is Lorette saying ‘what’s the alternative’ and this has pushed me to think of ways things can be done. We have carried through some very complex circumstances and the benefits to all of us have been huge.

Then I had our 3rd baby in 2018 and it became even more of a life saver. Having a newborn and all that entails on top of a child who had just started school and a toddler with complex medical needs was intense. Being able to use a sling saved the day on many ocassions! I had quite a rough physical recovery but was glad of my training and confidence in knowing how to carry safely in alternative ways.

2.5 years on and carrying still plays a huge part of our lives. We like to walk and little legs can’t always manage. Reconnecting after a busy day for everyone. Wanting to see what’s going on in the kitchen. The cuddles may be fewer but they are just as special.

What is your favourite part about being a consultant?
I absolutely love seeing the look on the face of a caregiver when their baby has settled in the sling, sharing that feeling is amazing.
I have a special love for working with families in special circumstances and helping them figure out how to safely carry their little ones. 

Would you share a special memory that sticks out for you?
Definitely putting my middle daughter into the ring sling for the first time when we were in the transitional unit of NICU. Making up her feeds with her cuddled up next to me after not being able to hold her or having to wait for someone else to pass her to me.

What tip would you give yourself if you could get back to the time before you were a parent?
To accept help when it’s offered. If it’s not offered, ask for what you need.

Why did you choose to train with Slingababy?
Recommendations from another Consultant who had absolutely loved the course and raved about the angles it was taught from. She was absolutely right!

Do you want to say a few words about your Slingababy experience?
Something that sticks with me is how it’s not just about slings. The experience has permeated every area of my life and strongly sticks with me even though it was almost 5 years ago! I learnt so much more than I could have comprehended and I would love to repeat parts of it to soak up even more! The course challenged how I think, beliefs I had previously about carrying and mostly gave me a huge sense of freedom on what was ‘allowed’ which certainly came in handy with carrying my own children and in my work.

Anything else you would like to say about anything?
If you’re thinking of a Slingababy peer support or Consultancy course, do it!

How can people get hold of you?
07392 070046

Becky Young and her three daughters

Kia Roberts

Spotlight on a Slingababy Consultant: Kia Roberts

Spotlight on a Slingababy Consultant: Kia Roberts

Can you give us a quick introduction as to who you are?
Mother to five boys in Derby. Owner of Cariad Babi – a not for profit eco store raising funds to provide support to vulnerable families. In June 2020, 6 months pregnant with four more at home, I opened The PoD (parents of derby) – a one stop hub of support for all things parent related, from car seat fittings to the sling & cloth nappy library. Cariad Babi aims to empower parents with informed choice, one eco friendly step at a time.

Can you tell us more about your journey from carrying to becoming a consultant to now?
As a disabled parent, I couldn’t push a pram or hold my baby long enough to finish a feed. This was the first time I’d managed to breastfeed and the pain of holding my baby at just 4 weeks was crippling. I saw a sling in a shop and bought it. It didn’t feel particularly safe or comfortable and so I found a sling library. I loved the ABILITY slings gave me, and became passionate to share it with others. Having always worked in family support roles, I volunteered at a sling library whilst continuing to build the model for Cariad Babi. I trained as a consultant and took the leap to provide a full time sling & cloth nappy library, 6 days a week, in the city centre, accessible to all. Cost, location, and building access barriers have all been reduced or removed to share the benefits further. It also has enabled me to work around my own health conditions and family without judgement, and my teaching has extended into other aspects if supporting parents. Slings helped me so much that I had two more children since I had spare hands for the older ones!

What is your favourite part about being a consultant?
Connecting. I love the people I meet. I love to hear about their journeys, be a part of their crossroads and help them to take their next step. I feel privileged to be invited into a part of their lifes, and to see the difference my support can make if very fulfilling. I have made more connections in the last 6 years than I had in the previous decade!

Would you share a special memory that sticks out for you?
I had a first time mum visit one of my pop up libraries in my early days, long before I had my own bricks and mortar venue. She came with her own sling needing support on how to use it.
An hour after her arrival she headed home smiling. But what happened in between was nothing to do with her sling. We didn’t even get it out the bag.
Instead, I opened a conversation enquiring as to how I might help, and picked up on underlying struggles. It turned out this lady needed support in another area I am trained in, but what I’d actually done was provide her with a space that she felt safe enough to open up, break down, cry and rebuild. We drank tea, I listened, offered support, and empowered her. She messaged shortly afterwards thanking me and has remained a client for several years now.
I learned very quickly that the space I provide is more important than the support I can offer, and have held on to that. If my space is wrong, nobody will come for support.

What tip would you give yourself if you could get back to the time before you were a parent?
Don’t do it! Haha I jest.
We’re all students. There is no right way to parent, but there is always room to develop, and it’s totally ok to royally balls it up from time to time. We’re learning too, it never stops!

Why did you choose to train with Slingababy?
I love what Lorette stands for. And equally for what she doesn’t. The course didn’t feel like ‘here’s how to be awesome at slings, now learn and leave’, but was much deeper into everything that surrounds the person who has come to you seeking support. I applied some things I learned from Lorette to other parts of my life!

Do you want to say a few words about your Slingababy experience?
It wasn’t what I expected, and the tools I was given enabled me to handle what came next that I’d not forseen. I’ve met some incredible people within the slingababy family and can’t wait to continue my career progression with the team.

Anything else you would like to say about anything?
If buzz lightyear doesn’t know he’s a toy, why doesn’t he speak around humans?
Back to business: Cariad Babi was an idea I developed over 10 years. I wanted to find a way to support families that didn’t rely on grants. My love for eco swaps was the perfect way to marry my ideas. Shopping with Cariad Babi directly supports other families, with every single order gratefully received and lovingly packaged.

How can people get hold of you?
07368 450874

Kia Roberts

Kia Roberts carrying her newborn in a woven wrap

Zoe Woodman

Spotlight on a Slingababy Consultant: Zoë Woodman

Spotlight on a Slingababy Consultant: Zoë Woodman

Can you give us a quick introduction as to who you are?
I have 3 children aged 12, 7 and 5. I live in Surrey Hills Uk. I have a Psychology degree. I started the sling library in 2012.

Can you tell us more about your journey from carrying to becoming a consultant to now?
I trained as a consultant in 2016, when my third baby was 5 months old on the day the result of the Brexit referendum was announced. It was a sombre start to the course. I set up The Sling Consultancy as a way to reach parents that didn’t subscribe to the traditional views of stereotypes around those who carry their babies. I’m coming from a science evidence based background.
We fell into carrying purely because we lived in a flat and thought it would be useful and as our neighbours downstairs had bought one too but actually I didn’t like the carrier we had and didn’t use it much.

I then saw someone on a train when my eldest was around 9m and it was different to other carriers I had seen and asked her about it, then I bought that same carrier. We used it until our eldest was 3! Having moved to an area of outstanding beauty we enjoyed going for long walks.

Then my second baby was born and I found carrying invaluable for the school and nursery runs and for feeding in with another child needing their needs to be met.
And again even more so our third! He lived in the sling!
I love delving into the why behind infant behaviour as once we know why we can be more understanding to meet those needs.
I share the science from many fields linked to carrying, neuroscience, attachment, trauma, stress, and how it supports infant development and supports parents development. Impacting positively on both physical and mental health, short and long term.

What is your favourite part about being a consultant?
Seeing parents faces when their baby gently falls asleep on them in a sling/carrier and they realise they can do other things if they choose to.seeing that lightbulb switch on in their brain connecting shifting. Happens online as well when what you say clicks with someone.

Would you share a special memory that sticks out for you?
Being invited to talk to carrying professionals at the wrap show in 2019 about the science of carrying and links to adverse childhood experiences, attachment and trauma through the neuroscience.

Where can we find some of your work?
I have written for Juno magazine on toddler carrying and how carrying can be both an intervention and a prevention for adverse childhood experiences and trauma.
And also for Netdoctor on safe babywearing.

Is there anything else that you get up to, when you are not writing or supporting families?
I also run, with another consultant, the Brilliant Babywearing Business group for those involved in businesses linked to carrying.
It isn’t about carrying as such, but about what goes into running a business alongside mindset work we cover many practical aspects too. It is so important to human brain development that it really matters that our businesses are sustainable to support parents to carry, to be responsive. To help shape the brains of the next generation.

What tip would you give yourself if you could get back to the time before you were a parent?
Meet their needs – ask what does my baby need right now. Most of time it’s you.

Why did you choose to train with Slingababy?
I loved the Slingababy ethos and way Lorette teaches it is hugely empowering as consultants and even more so for our clients.

Do you want to say a few words about your Slingababy experience?
The Slingababy community is such a welcoming non-judgemental place and the people are amazing. It encourages an entirely different way of thinking and often leads to bigger changes it is so much more than about carrying or slings.

How can people get hold of you?

On the socials as @Theslingconsultancy I’m most active on Instagram

Zoe Woodman

Zoë Woodman carrying her child in a woven wrap


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