There is a reason for everybody!

This is an overview of the benefits of carrying children. You can find more detailed information under the Resources section.

lorette10-2Because it feels good

Because we are meant to

Because it helps with temperature regulation, heart regulation, hormone regulation

Because it helps with lactation

Because it is practical

Because it is cheaper than a pushchair

Because it helps baby’s motor development

Because the slings are pretty

Because it reduces post partum depression

Because it builds core strength

Because it helps colicky babies

Because the cuddles are special

Because it is an effective prevention to positional flat head syndrome

Because it is good healthy exercise

Because it allows your child to take part in your world

Because people talk to carried babies more

Because it is our biological norm

Because at pushchair level life is boring and smells of car fumes

Because it’s an act of love

Because it frees your arms

Because it enables you to play with your older kids

Because it keeps you warm in winter

Because it is good for baby’s hips

Because it is a fun hobby

Because it gives a chance to dads to “feel pregnant” or feel more involved

Because it helps you read your baby’s cues

Because you go places you could not reach otherwise



Because parents love it, because babies love it, come on, give it a try!