The long awaited course for advanced stretchy wrap skills has arrived!

If you want to get your stretchy wrap teachings to the next level, this course is for you!

The Advanced Stretchy Wrap course is designed to support baby-carrying professionals. It is beneficial for baby-carrying consultants but also for doulas, antenatal course providers and health care professionals.

It aims to provide you with the tools to get the most out of your stretchy wraps so you can support families both in the early stages of parenthood and also for the first couple of years.

From optimising your pre-tie to going free style with wrapping around, from the standard front carries to hip and back carries, from narrow one-way to super stretchy two-way wraps, we will cover anything you need to know.  We will talk safety and risk assessment, we will explore various positions, we will debunk some myths, and all this through the usual Slingababy ethos!

The good news: this new course is currently available in-person!
We will work towards a remote version but for now you are going to need to either come to the first ever course in Coventry in January, or get groups together, just how we used to do.

All information about the course can be found here: