Advanced Stretchy Wrap Course Description

The Advanced Stretchy Wrap course is designed to support baby-carrying professionals. It is beneficial for baby-carrying consultants but also for doulas, antenatal course providers and health care professionals.

It aims to provide you with the tools to get the most out of your stretchy wraps so you can support families both in the early stages of parenthood and also for the first couple of years.

We pride ourselves on the quality of all the add-ons you get with the course

– A two-day course, covering theoretical and practical knowledge, helping you gain confidence so that you have the skills to support parents as soon as you have attended the course.

– Handouts: We understand that there is a lot to take in and that you want to pay full attention to what is being taught without worrying about taking too many notes. All handouts provided are kept up-to-date and you will always be given access to the most recent versions.

– Access to a support group: the support group is held on Facebook and benefits from other feeding and carrying advocates’ experience. If you do not wish to be on Facebook, you can always contact your trainer directly for support. Your trainer can also contact the Facebook group on your behalf.

– The right to re-attend the course as many times as you like! (with a nominal admin fee).


All of this for as little as £250! (for a course in mainland Great Britain, please contact us for courses further afield)


– Role and limitations after your training:
We will define our role and our boundaries and discuss how to support families with the use of their stretchy wraps

– Safety whilst using a stretchy wrap:
Whilst most carrying is straightforward, there are associated risks that need to be discussed in order to limit issues. We will visit guidelines and how to relate them to most baby practices. We will encourage risk assessing and give tools towards users’ autonomy in terms of safe practices

– Myths and rules:
We will debunk common myths around stretchy wrap use to encourage a less prescriptive approach to our teaching.

– Pros and cons of various positions in terms of use and baby’s physiology:
We will discuss the following: chest to chest, off-centered, seated sideways, cradle, and variations of forward facing positions

Practical Skills

– Pre-tie and wrap around

– 1-way and 2-way stretch wraps

– Breastfeeding, chestfeeding and bottle feeding

– Front, hip and back carries in pre-tie and wrapping around

– Chest to chest, off-centered, seated sideways, cradle, forward facing positions

– Shoulder flips and shoulder folds

– Tips and tricks

Skills Developed

– Confidence

– Empathy

– Respect

– Active Listening

– Observation

– Pedagogy (Teaching Theory)

– Self-awareness

– Curiosity

Equipment Needed

Access to Zoom. You may like having it on a fixed device and also on a mobile device, so you can move around your space.
You might benefit from the largest screen you have available.
Something to take notes
Some space for the practical work.
Some snacks
Some drinks

1 Demo doll, preferably one with jointed soft limbs and weighted.
1 1-way stretchy wrap
1 2-way stretchy wrap

Something to take notes
Things to make yourself comfortable – loose clothing, slippers, a cushion or something to sit on, some knitting if it helps you focus, anything really!
Lunch (snacks are provided)

1 Demo doll, preferably one with jointed soft limbs and weighted.
1 1-way stretchy wrap
1 2-way stretchy wrap

If you do not have all the equipment required for the course there are a number of options.

For Slings & Carriers

  • Hire. We recommend It’s a Sling Thing
  • Buy second hand. We recommend Jeni at Little Possums Pre-loved. They offer options for most purses including a pay as you feel selection which you may find suitable for training and demos. There are also second hand boards on Facebook but these may feel overwhelming.
  • Buy new. Depending on what you need we may suggest different retailers, so drop us an email or call Lorette to discuss your specific needs.

For Demo Dolls

  • Borrow. Your local sling library might be able to help.
  • Buy second handLittle Possums Pre-loved may have some for sale.
  • Buy new. We recommend getting in touch with Slumber-Roo.


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