Carrying Consultancy Course Description

The consultancy course is designed to support anyone wanting to become a baby-carrying educator. Whether you are an enthusiastic user or working with families and looking to expand your set of skills, whether you have years of consulting experience already and are looking into a new approach, the consultancy course has a lot to offer. The course is built to provide you with the tools and knowledge to give tailored support to families, health-care providers and child-care professionals.

We pride ourselves on the quality of all the add-ons you get with the course

A four-day course, covering theoretical and practical knowledge (See detailed content at the bottom of this page), helping you gain the confidence so that you have the skills to start your consultancy as soon as you have attended the course.

Handouts: We understand that there is a lot to take in and that you want to pay full attention to what is being taught without worrying about taking too many notes. All handouts provided are kept up-to-date and you will always be given access to the most recent versions.

Access to a support group: the support group is held on Facebook and benefits from other consultants’ experience. If you do not wish to be on Facebook, you can always contact your trainer directly for support. Your trainer can also contact the Facebook group on your behalf.

The right to re-attend the course as many times as you like! (with a nominal admin fee): The course is built so that every person will gain something from it, whether you are completely new to baby-carrying or have years of experience. If you are new to baby-carrying, you may find that there is only so much you can take in at first, so the option to re-attend to build on your knowledge is available. The course is also a powerful confidence-booster, so if you feel a need to top-up your mojo, you are always welcome back.

Links to video tutorials: We understand that you might like to refresh your memory long after the course finishes and cannot always come back, this is why there are video tutorials available as reminders of the carries and techniques covered, as well as for any carries we did not get to cover together.

Free CPD days (Continuing Professional Development) twice a year: We believe that your learning does not stop after the course. The CPD days are a great opportunity to top-up your knowledge and stay up-to-date with the industry. It is also a time when all the Slingababy consultants get together so they can network and share their experiences.


All of this for as little as £575! (for a remote course or in-person course in mainland Great Britain, please contact us for courses further afield)


Baby’s physiology and anatomy: a global approach, working for a text-book baby and a real one

Wearer’s physiology and anatomy: a global approach, working for a text-book wearer and a real one

Special circumstances: multiples, disability, prematurity…

What is the consultant’s role and limitations?

How to set up a workshop

How to set up a consultation

How to make videos

Benefits of baby-carrying for both wearer and baby

Carrying safety: dynamic approach and risk assesment

Baby-carrying basics

The ergonomical position

In-arms carrying, baby handling and baby holding

Carrying positions, pros, cons and limitations: chest to chest, cradle, seated sideways, off-centered, on the hip, facing out, on the back

Finding the right carrying height for each babywearing pair

Different techniques to get a baby onto your back

Safety and official weight limits

Carriers explored

Woven wrap

Stretchy wrap

Ring Sling

Meh Dai

Buckle carriers

Other carriers, lovingly referred to as the “weird and wonderful” (Podaegis, Onbuhimos, Pouches, double pouches, Skin to skin garments, Kanga and other traditional carriers, Hybrid carriers)

Technical Skills and Knowledge

General information and variations between brands

How to handle the slings

Mechanics of tightening

Mechanics of carries

Breastfeeding positions

Front, hip and back carries with main sling types

Adapting for newborns, babies with neck control, babies who sit and toddlers

Other Skills Developed



Active Listening





Equipment Needed

Access to Zoom. You may like having it on a fixed device and also on a mobile device, so you can move around your space.

Access to YouTube. You will need a YouTube account to view some of the videos have they have been age restricted by their bots.

You might benefit from the largest screen you have available.

Something to take notes

Some space for the practical work.

Some snacks

Some drinks


1 demo doll

1 short wrap (Size 1-2 or 3)

1 medium wrap (size 4-5)

1 long wrap (size 6-7)

1 1-way stretchy wrap

1 2-way stretch wrap

1 Meh Dai

1 Buckle carrier

1 Ring Sling

Something to take notes

Things to make yourself comfortable – loose clothing, slippers, a cushion or something to sit on, some knitting if it helps you focus, anything really!

Lunch (snacks are provided)


1 demo doll

1 short wrap (Size 1-2 or 3)

1 medium wrap (size 4-5)

1 long wrap (size 6-7)

1 1-way stretchy wrap

1 2-way stretch wrap

1 Meh Dai

1 Buckle carrier

1 Ring Sling

If you do not have all the equipment required for the course, there are a number of options.

For Slings & Carriers

  • Hire. We recommend It’s a Sling Thing
  • Buy second hand. We recommend Jeni at Little Possums Pre-loved. They offer options for most purses including a pay as you feel selection which you may find suitable for training and demos. There are also second hand boards on Facebook but these may feel overwhelming.
  • Buy new. Depending on what you need we may suggest different retailers, so drop us an email or call Lorette to discuss your specific needs.

For Demo Dolls

  • Borrow. Your local sling library might be able to help.
  • Buy second handLittle Possums Pre-lovedmay have some for sale.
  • Buy new. We recommend getting in touch with Slumber-Roo.


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Slingababy showing fabric
Slingababy Alice and buckle carrier