Slingababy talking at a conference about language and inclusion

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Peer Support Testimonials

What a wonderful, inspiring approach to teaching.

Chesterfield sling library now has more trained peer supporters who feel empowered with the experience and the new knowledge.

Thank you.

Lindsay Rhodes

Very recently done a peer support course. I left with more than I could have ever expected. I gained a new appreciation for sling, broadened my perspective on what carrying is, bolstered knowledge I already had and found new ways to apply all of this.

Got to meet some lovely people had fun. What more can I say.

John Allsworth

I did the peer support course recently and throughly enjoyed it. It made me realise I can do the basics and with practice can get them better and that I am in a position  to enable more people to carry safely and proudly. Lorette is great, fun and hilarious. Loved the banter but we have history of that. I hope I treated my doll well. Thank you

Adam Summers

September 2018 I got the chance to train as a peer supporter with Slingababy and it was wonderful! in a single day I've learned so much about how I can support other mothers/fathers/carers with babywearing and it was such a wonderful day!

Julia King