Where can I get insurance?

At Slingababy we do not endorse any insurers over another as they all offer something slightly different depending on your needs.
In the UK other consultants have used the following (there are probably more options too)



Therapist Insurance


They will usually offer public liability, professional liability and product liability.
Check the amounts these cover. Check how many consultants/peer supporters/volunteers are covered and to what extent.

Where can I buy a doll?

There are lots of different places to get a doll.  Ideally you would get a doll that has articulated legs.

Some options are:


Renates Puppenstube

You might find a Reborn Doll works well

You can also make your own weighted doll .

How can I submit my project?

If you have a project you wish to submit you can do so here – https://slingababy.co.uk/project-submission/

Your project should  benefit the wider community. By wider, we mean that it needs to reach further than your local area. This can be a video, an audio step-by-step, a picture step-by-step, an article, a blog post, a leaflet, a petition, organising a conference etc etc…

Can I have the link to the feedback form for my customers?

Please ask your customers (consultations and workshops) to fill in this link http://www.slingababy.co.uk/feedback-for-a-slingababy-consultant/.
Please ensure that they know your full name.

If the feedback is good, you will get to see it as it is.

If the feedback shows room for improvement, we will discuss how to move forward with it.

Once we’ve had enough consistent and positive feedback, we will contact you and you can stop asking your customers for feedback.

The Slingababy Support Fund

The Slingababy Fund is available for any Slingababy consultant who is struggling financially.

If you wish to donate to the Slingababy Fund you can do so via Paypal – https://paypal.me/slingababysupport

If you wish to access the Support Fund please email us here Slingababy Support Fund

When is CPD?

Usually in March and October. The dates tend to be announced on Facebook so check the events tab.

Slingababy CPD
Slingababy CPD Autumn 2016