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Sling Guide

SlingGuide is a site that is set up by parents for parents. It is a comprehensive, independent site which is run by volunteers who want to help others choose and use a sling which is best for them.

T.I.C.K.S for safe carrying

The original source for the TICKS acronym

Exclusive Girasol database

Exclusive Girasol database is the place to find out about all the different Girasol woven wraps.


Slingofest is the biggest online wrap database

UK Sling Library Network

The UK Sling Library Network is an unaffiliated organisation helping new and existing sling libraries.

Sling pages

Sling Pages is an unaffiliated resources site.

BABI – British Association of Babywearing Instructors

BABI facebook page whilst BABI website is getting a revamp

Natural Mamas Forum

Natural Mamas Forum The Natural Mamas forum has a vibrant carrying community. Why don’t you go and get a feel for it?