Slingababy Family Camp

This form is for booking a place at Slingababy family camp. 19th-27th August 2023 at Rough Close in Coventry.  We will have exclusive use of The George Shepherd Cabin for the duration of the stay. There is a non-refundable cost of £50 to secure your booking.


We know how difficult it is to keep children quiet, we expect crying babies and noisy children!  We would appreciate it however if people tried wherever possible to keep the noise to a minimum between  8pm and 8am.


We do ask that people tidy up after themselves

We do ask that everyone helps to keep the cabin and communal areas clean and tidy.   The site is a scout camp site and there aren’t any staff clean up after us, so we may need to help keep toilets etc clean.

We will need to be out of the cabin by 10am on Sunday 27th, therefore we will need people to help us clean it up on Saturday 26th in the evening. To avoid everybody escaping the last night, we will have a £1 charge per family who is not camping on the last night, in case we need the help of a cleaner.

We will organise a rota for communal tasks and ask you to volunteer some of your time.

Responsibility and Activities

You are responsible for yourself and your children at all times.

We won’t have exclusive use of the site (just the cabin) and there will be other people around on site.

Please ensure that you always treat others with respect.


Please do not consume beans on site due to severe allergies. If you or your child were to consume beans off site, then do wash any potentially contaminated part thoroughly. Refer to the allergy sheet in the cabin. Some are severe and some can be managed. If in doubt, favour caution and talk to us.


There are open fires as well as fires in drums. We ask that no children are left to play by the fires unattended.  Teenagers will be okay-ed on an individual basis. Whilst you may wish for your children to discover the wonders of fire, we hope you understand that some families have varied outlooks surrounding play and fire. Safety of the majority will be at the forefront of all decisions and you may be asked to not let your children play in the way that you may have chosen to allow.

All food in the fridge to be named. On departure please clear your stuff out or donate and rename.  Milk in the fridge will be communal. There is not enough fridge space for every family to have their own in there.


We do ask please that you try and limit/discourage children on screens in the cabin. We do understand the needs of every family are different and this topic can be difficult for some families.

Day visitors are allowed but there is a charge, please ensure that you notify the warden and Slingababy team of anyone joining us on site.

Dogs are allowed on site at the discretion of the warden so we will need to know in advance. Dogs will need to be on a lead at all times. We ask all campers with dogs to pitch at the back of the field.  Some children are very scared of dogs, including small well-behaved ones.

If you wish to arrive earlier or stay later please arrange directly with the campsite.

The Slingababy camp is run by the community for the community. The workshops will only run if you offer to run them. We will organise a get together on the first day for everyone to introduce themselves and fill the time table.