In order to complete your Slingababy training we ask you to get  feedback from your customers.

Once we’ve had enough consistent and positive feedback, you will be let off and you can stop asking your customers.


We would also  like you to take on a project to benefit the wider community. By wider, we mean that it needs to reach further than your local area.

The project must be started after you’ve attended your Slingababy Consultancy Course.

The project must be Baby-Carrying related.

The project is done under your name.


Some suggestions are:

A demonstration video

An audio step-by-step

A picture step-by-step

An article

A blog post,

A leaflet (available for the wider community to use)

A talk (at an event that reaches further than just your local community)

A petition

Organising a conference

In order to submit your project to us please fill in the following information.  Your completion will only be announced once you’ve submitted a project and also gathered sufficient feedback.

Project Submission