Spotlight on a Slingababy Consultant: Laurna Hislop

Can you give us a quick introduction as to who you are?
I run Coorie in with love based in the scottish highlands but also covering the islands too.
I’ve been running for almost 8 years now and trained for 9.
I offer consultancy sessions online and in my studio space. Library and workshops and offer postal hires and online sessions.
I specialise in wovens and offer the only full online woven wrap course the included wrap hire but also available worldwide as needed.

Can you tell us more about your journey from carrying to becoming a consultant to now?
I wanted to carry when I was pregnant with my first as we have a dog. I was showing how to wrap by a friend and was hooked! It helped so much with my PND and PNA and loved the freedom.
I completed my peer training when my daughter was about 5months old and wanted to learn more so I could support others.

I went on to train with two other schools including Slingababy and never looked back!

What is your favourite part about being a consultant?
Seeing the look on a parents face when they get a sling fitted well and realise how much its going to change their parenting journey for the better.

Would you share a special memory that sticks out for you?
I think they first te my daughter calmed and fell asleep in the sling and I could go out. Not feeling trapped or limited by a buggy in a flat.

What tip would you give yourself if you could get back to the time before you were a parent?
Book in to learn what works for you and baby. Don’t buy cheap off ebay because it could end the journey before it begins!

Why did you choose to train with Slingababy?
Because I had heard lots of good stuff about it in the groups and had a thirst for more knowledge.

Do you want to say a few words about your Slingababy experience?
Best bloody thing ever!

Anything else you would like to say about anything?
Carrying is amazing!

How can people get hold of you?
You can get in touch at
Or on my facebook or Instagram, and Threads, all under @coorieinwithlove

Laurna Hislop carrying her child on the back