Spotlight on a Slingababy Consultant: Laurna Hislop

Can you give us a quick introduction as to who you are?
I am a carrying consultant and sling library based in the Scottish highlands. I have been trained and working for 6 years.
I offer one to one sessions, workshops and training sessions. Recently I have been working online and offering the same to be able to support as much as I can.

Can you tell us more about your journey from carrying to becoming a consultant to now?
I started carrying 7 years ago when my daughter was born. We have a dog so I saw it as a practical thing only. Then when my daughter had Reflux I saw really how beneficial it was for her and also for my PND.
Luckily a local training session became available so I started when she was 6m. Then I looked and continued my development with full consultanncy training.
I am always learning and eager to take more training so I have more skills to offer my clients.

What is your favourite part about being a consultant?
Seeing that look of comfort, happiness, love, relief on a parents face when we find the right sling or carrier.
Seeing how much effect carrying can have on a parent and family is why I do what I do.

Would you share a special memory that sticks out for you?
I have so many.
I think the first time my daughter settled and fell asleep in the stretchy once I worked it out.
The relief I had and how I felt myself again. I was able to relax and have a cup of tea without her screaming in pain.

Also the first time I wrapped my son in hospital with all my knowledge and training. Being able to wrap him instantly while having a catheter!

What tip would you give yourself if you could get back to the time before you were a parent?
Book a session, read the instructions! You can get so much more out of a sling or carrier if you know how to use it properly. It makes all the difference!

Why did you choose to train with Slingababy?
Because I heard how empowering and amazing it was! And it was all true! Slingababy has been one of the best things I have ever done!

Do you want to say a few words about your Slingababy experience?
It’s mind blowing! I have reattended once and plan to again just because there is so much to learn. Even if you have been working and carrying for years, there is so much to each small step, it’s great to look at things in a different way.

Anything else you would like to say about anything?
Lorette is amazing 😉

How can people get hold of you?
You can get in touch at
Or on my facebook or Instagram, both under @coorieinwithlove

Laurna Hislop carrying her child on her back