When the time was right

The Slingababy school has focused for nearly 4 years on delivering the highest quality consultancy course we could provide. During this time, there have been many instances when a one-day course for advocates/peer supporters has been requested.


For a long time, we wanted to encourage all of our consultants to train their own supporters as we felt they had adequate skills. We still do! There are eight consultants who have trained through Slingababy who are part of the excellent Born To Carry network and created their own courses. We will still be recommending their courses as we love the diversity created by this network and several trainers means more local availability.


The time is also right for us to offer the unique Slingababy touch to the world of peer supporters. We have had the opportunity to trial the content twice so far, once in New Zealand and once for BabyCalm. This is what two of our attendees had to say about their experience:


“The course was jam-packed with content, and Lorette’s in-depth knowledge and experience shone through.  Lorette made the day fun and relaxed for us, as well as being very focused on what we needed to learn.  Not only did this course help me develop my practical skills in using slings, but also in how to teach effectively and to be a sensitive, empathetic Peer Supporter.  I’d wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone wanting to take their first step towards supporting parents with carrying.” Marianne

“I absolutely loved the one day Peer Supporter Course at the CalmFamily CPD in November.  There was a lot of new knowledge and skills packed into the day and I came away with the confidence to go out and put it into practice.  It was both informative and inspiring.  I would heartily recommend the course to anyone working with parents and slings in a peer support capacity. ” Helen


This is some of the topics we cover:

– Brief history of carrying
– Role and limitations of a peer supporter
– Benefits of carrying
– Busting some myths
– Safety and carrying
– Basic handling and positioning
– Perceived advantages and drawbacks of the different types of slings
– Basic front tying skills on various sling types
– Common troubleshooting


We have released 4 dates for 2017 for the one-day peer supporter course:
5th of March
15th of July
3rd of September
2nd of December

These courses will be held in the Rugby area at Slingababy HQ. If you would like a course nearer to you, get in touch as we may be able to facilitate it for a minimum sized group of 6.


If you are interested in baby-carrying and intend on supporting parents, the course is made for you! If you already have some carrying experience, even if you are already a carrying consultant, the course has potential to really benefit you too, as you will gain more structure, tips and tricks as well as how to handle various situations and explore your boundaries between the various roles and settings where you operate.


The course in 2017 will cost £95 per participant.