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About Maria at Beautiful Bonds in Colchester and Tendring

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Consultant, Feeding and Carrying Advocate

I took over the Colchester half of Ipswich and Colchester sling library in 2019, but I kept it low key and simple as I was expecting baby number 3. In January 2021 I launched Beautiful Bonds, my vision was to develop a place where parents could get support, not only with carrying, but with birth and the 4th trimester.


I started my own baby wearing journey when my first son was born in 2013. My mum bought me my first sling because she thought it might help and my was she right! I went on to wear my first son on and off for the next few years. I then had my second son who was worn in a sling for the first time the day he was born. I was pregnant with my third son during my take over and so I thoroughly enjoyed trying out all the library slings with him. My 4th and final son, and child, was born recently and once again I get to enjoy a babywearing journey from the beginning 🙂 

I am also a trained breastfeeding councilor and have established a local collaborative group called Colchester Perinatal Hug, which aims to help new parents find the right support and to keep local professionals up to date with all things Perinatal related!