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Carrying Peer Support Testimonials

I absolutely loved Lorette's teaching method. Having the opportunity to make mistakes on purpose and figure out how to correct them gave me so much confidence that I could help parents troubleshoot their carrier issues.
Caitriona Martin
I have attended the Peer Supporter, Consultancy and Feeding in Slings courses. It's not exaggerating to say these are life changing. Slingababy courses are about so much more than slings, it's a whole new way of thinking and understanding people and the world. I'd recommend them as an essential life skill as well as a huge confidence boost for carrying professionals looking to upskill.
Nicole Dawson

Absolutely wonderful company. I did a course with them last week and it was just brilliant. In the lead up to it I also had an issue with a doll another company was supposed to send me and despite it not being their responsibility at all Slingababy went out of their way to help me find a workable solution and find a last minute local replacement. They REALLY care. Their approach is sensitive, empowering, person-centred, humble and generally brilliant. I can’t wait to do their full consultancy course one day.

Victoria Casey

Fantastic informative, thought provoking course!

I thought Lorette was a fantastic facilitator, I was very nervous going in as someone that had little baby carrying experience but Lorette made me feel welcomed. She ensured information covered my knowledge base as well as more knowledgeable attendees.

Also brilliant at balancing the different views of the group to make it become a thought provoking conversation

Jojo Heather

I absolutely loved my peer supporter training! Even though it was held online, I felt like we all got to know eachother well. Lorette is an amazing tutor and is very lighthearted, which put all of us at ease to ask plenty of questions. The amount of wraps, carriers and styles she taught us went far beyond what I was hoping for and can't wait to use my skills at my baby group.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who would like to start their journey to supporting families in babywearing.

Danielle Fox

I loved it! It was great getting to ask all those silly questions and get an answer. I loved working with everyone and the knowledge I've gained

Becky Schmidt

What a wonderful, inspiring approach to teaching.

Chesterfield sling library now has more trained peer supporters who feel empowered with the experience and the new knowledge.

Thank you.

Lindsay Rhodes

Very recently done a peer support course. I left with more than I could have ever expected. I gained a new appreciation for sling, broadened my perspective on what carrying is, bolstered knowledge I already had and found new ways to apply all of this.

Got to meet some lovely people had fun. What more can I say.

John Allsworth

I did the peer support course recently and throughly enjoyed it. It made me realise I can do the basics and with practice can get them better and that I am in a position  to enable more people to carry safely and proudly. Lorette is great, fun and hilarious. Loved the banter but we have history of that. I hope I treated my doll well. Thank you

Adam Summers

September 2018 I got the chance to train as a peer supporter with Slingababy and it was wonderful! in a single day I've learned so much about how I can support other mothers/fathers/carers with babywearing and it was such a wonderful day!

Julia King