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Feeding and Carrying Advocates Testimonials

Easily accessible and valuable course. Very interesting and thought provoking content. The practical parts were challenging, in a good way. The space was a judgement free zone and we were able to come together to explore the issues raised. Thank you, Lorette, for sharing your knowledge.
Jess Cook
I highly recommend this course, for those in the worlds of infant feeding and baby carrying, and for parents. The practical skills gained are invaluable, but perhaps even more remarkable about this course is the inspiration to teach and advocate. There is so much for me to think over from this course - I will be using the ideas for years to come!
Izzy Armstrong-Holmes
Lorette's experience as a Trainer really shines through - not only in her ability to share her sling & carrying knowledge, but also as a facilitator of learning & of working with groups of people.

This was an intense & thorough day course, full of discussion, reflection, listening & learning. There were many advantages to it being online, which for me included no travel & less time away from my family - however, I do look forward to the prospect of possibly repeating the course in person!

It was not only Slingababy's excellent reputation that drew me to this course but also their flexibility regarding payment & what might happen if I couldn't attend last minute (I'm a Doula currently on-call) that made it an easy decision to book & I'm so glad I did.

Thank you Lorette & Team
Sally Carter
I have attended the Peer Supporter, Consultancy and Feeding in Slings courses. It's not exaggerating to say these are life changing. Slingababy courses are about so much more than slings, it's a whole new way of thinking and understanding people and the world. I'd recommend them as an essential life skill as well as a huge confidence boost for carrying professionals looking to upskill.
Nicole Dawson

I honestly can’t put into words how brilliant this course was. I absolutely love Lorette’s way of teaching with slings and how it’s about encouraging personal reflection and mindful approach . I love how truly person centred her practice, that humans are diverse and everyone is different and that’s crucial and has to be central and what works for one won’t for another and that love comes through too for all of us in our differences. and her style is and that is also a central part of what she passes on, so that even if someone wasn’t on that path already (and was more didactic and this is right / that’s wrong), it encourages attendees to be so in skit practice and that this may also have an impact in places beyond even the sling world. Which is really powerful. And even in their own lives. I love that activism and responding to injustice was so central to this. I feel like slingababy is just so connected with my heart and what matters to me and I know I MUST stay connected with you guys to keep me inspired and buzzing and help me do the work I care about. The passion is so powerfuk and the heart is so strong.

Wonderful space holding. Respective, responsive trauma informed approach (or intuitively / instinctively good for anyone with trauma - I need such space and seek them), neurodivergent friendly, safe, culturally humble, generally brilliant I just can’t say enough good about this. I loved slingababy before but I am absolutely in adoration with slingababy after today.

Victoria Casey

This course was amazing. There is a lot of learn packed in, along with getting to chat with the other people on the course too. I really feel as if I got so much more out of it that it cost.

Rebecca Bauer
This is the second Slingababy course I have attended and the experience is like nothing else. You learn so much and come away feeling empowered and passionate to make a change
Naomi Early
Lorette is the most inspiring trainer I have had the chance to meet in a while!
The tools I got from the course are an awesome resource to support families.
It was a pleasure to learn in such a safe, stimulating and open minded environment.
I highly recommend Slingababy’s courses!
Arianna Basile
I really love Lorettes approach to training. It's very gentle and clear, and she is able to transfer a lot of information in a very short time frame. I like that there is a lot of practical work alongside reflection of our own experiences and societal expectations.
Gemma Hamilton
Feeding and Carrying was my second course with Slingababy.
This course gave me another tool to add to my tool box, not only in terms of technique but in the way of approaching the subject and giving the options.
Lorette is a great teacher, that knows how to make her "students" be passionate about the topic. She shows you the path, but the choice is yours.
Marta Mroz
The course presented an ideal mix of theoretical knowledge, combined with practical skills, useful to implement in cases encountered in babywearing consultations, and more.
Cleopatra Tudorache