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I can't recommend the Slingababy course highly enough for those wishing to deepen their understanding of many aspects of carrying consultancy. I had completed two other consultancy courses prior to Slingababy and I felt that Lorette helped me widen my view - a liberating experience! I feel much more empowered to work with families now and empower them in turn. Slingababy helped me understand the consultant/client relationship in a more rounded way and was thought-provoking at every turn, forcing me to be fearless in appraising myself and my skills, essential for making necessary changes. I love being part of the Slingababy community and look forward to the day when getting to the CPD workshops is easier for me - I'm greedy for more!
The Slingababy course is the third carrying consultant course that I have done. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn more about supporting people in their carrying journey.
The freedom to explore different solutions to problems and the different ways of working have really added to my toolkit and challenged the way I think.
I find the continuing online support invaluable, and am looking forward to attending the regular CPD courses where possible.
Studying with Slingababy was an amazing experience and then there's all the online support afterwards from the Slingababy consultants and twice annual meet ups. The course itself is thorough, fascinating, fun and full of revelations.

The Slingababy method of teaching is wonderful in that Lorette & Jody have a great deal of knowledge/experience, their methods of delivering information are clear, visual and are in followable/teachable steps. I appreciated the way that we are taught different methods for using each type of sling so that we have options to tailor demo's to a persons ability or situation.

What really struck me about Lorette is that she has a unique way of speaking: with incredible directness and kindness combined. It is a wonderful skill and very few people that I know have this quality to this level.
The Slingababy course is not a conventional sling consultancy course, it's so much more! It's truly inspirational. Lorette's and Jody's passion and ethics shine through in everything they do and it's contagious! Hence the thriving warm community of Slingababy consultants, it's more than that... It's a big family ready to help in your journey.
I don't know how they do it but no matter how much or how little previous experience you have, no matter whether it's a hobby or a profession for you... The Slingababy course is an inflexion point in anyone's life... You will leave after the intense 4 days truly inspired, empowered and believing in yourself and with a great toolset to make this world a tiny bit better.
I had a fantastic time on the Slingababy course. I had high expectations of it and it truly exceeded them.The content is rich, varied and inspiring. It covers everything you are likely to want to know as a trainee, and offers lots for practicing consultants also. I've said it enough times already, but this course could easily be double the length of time - you have so much to offer, and being in a room with other babywearers inspires interesting discussion. I've come away inspired to head in the direction I've been planning for a while, and that's down to the extra confidence I've gained from training with you. This course is worth every penny, for those starting out and practicing alike.
This was a superb course. Lorette is hugely experienced and an excellent teacher. There was plenty of time for practice and questions. She was very clear, very patient, and very good at describing and demonstrating. She really encouraged us to think for ourselves and come up with our own solutions, rather than just spoon-feeding us. She is obviously keen to give her trainees a real toolbox of skills to start their consultancies off well and to be of use to people as soon as possible. I certainly left feeling much better equipped than I came, and in fact far more aware of what I don't know!
My 4-day training was a truly wonderful & inspiring experience but it didn't end there! I feel that I've become part of a supportive group of consultants who are there every step of the way, empowering me to be the best consultant I can  Lorette has a real gift, as well as an amazing knowledge, & I'm so pleased that she shared that with me.
I went on the Slingababy course expecting to learn more about carrying. I found parts of the course very intense, but came away so inspired and much more confident about teaching others to carry their children. Lorette is a calm and patient teacher, with a straightforward manner and a very clear way of explaining things. The course is so much about empowering parents to make choices for their family - I loved that aspect of it.
I've done a lot of courses in my career. This was definitely one of the best courses I've attended. Great balance between theory and practice. Lorette is extremely knowledgeable and gave us all a first hand example of how practical babywearing is. There is no way you could single-handedly teach a four day course with a cute baby in tow unless you were babywearing and breastfeeding!
Rebecca Scott-Pillai
Wow! What an intense course. I dont think you left anyt stone unturned. It was brilliant. Lorette is so wonderfully patient and i really enjoyed learning new ways of doing things. Thank you for all the teaching tips and for sharing your passion. I highly recommend this course and Lorette 🙂 Thank you x
I was an experienced wrapper when the slingababy consultancy course. My goal was to improve my wrapping technique and develop my ability to help others with carries. I achieved this and much more, my confidence skyrocketed and many people have benefited from my newfound teaching skills. The course is incredibly empowering and the continuing support is unparalleled. I would highly recommend slingababy to anybody interested in becoming a consultant or who wants to develop their skills
I have thoroughly enjoyed my training journey with Slingababy. From the easy booking process and Lorette putting up with my endless emails to the training days themselves to the endless support from the slingababy family.
Id recommend slingababy to anyone serious about doing babywearing consultancy training.
My training with Slingababy was about so much more than slings. I really feel like I joined a supportive community when I signed up to learn from Lorette.
The course is very informative and gives you the confidence to share your knowledge of carrying with others.
Just wish I could do it all over again - oh wait - I can! Yay! See you again soon for a refresher I hope Lorette.
I trained with Slingababy at the beginning of 2015 & it has made such a difference to the way I approach my work with families. So many aspects of babywearing 'clicked' during those 4 intense but exhilarating days. Lorette has a truly unique way of sharing her knowledge which really encourages you to challenge your current way of thinking. The post qualified support offered is exceptional. The online community is thriving with a real mix of experience that we all benefit from & the biannual CPD really goes above & beyond to maintain the high standards now expected of Slingababy Consultants. I feel privileged to be part of the family & proud to fly the Slingababy flag in my wee corner of the world.
I really loved this course! Having already done Consultancy training 2.5 years ago, and been working extensively as a Consultant since then, I wasn't really sure what to expect from doing additional training, or how much new information there would be. I learnt a massive amount on the course and also had a really fun and enjoyable 4 days. I just wish I'd done it when my two children were little enough to still be carried, so I could have tried everything out on them. Thanks Lorette - it was fab!
An absolutely wonderful course. Inspiring from start to finish. Highly recommended!
I've just completed the 4 day consultancy course, and can't thank Lorette enough for kindness and patience. She is an excellent teacher and so pleased i chose Slingababy to train with. Her knowledge and experience is incredible! I feel like this was a big step in my babywearing journey and looking forward to my next chapter, thank you Xx
The Slingababy course really opened my eyes. Lorette's teaching methods are brilliant and she really encourages you to forget what you already know and start thinking outside the box (or remove the box altogether). The 4 day course is very intense but I'd loved it! And the free CPD weekends every 6 months make it so worthwhile. The education of babywearing is continuous, and these free top-up weekends mean you are always kept up to date with the latest information. Lorette has also made available a dedicated facebook group for Slingababy Consultants. This allows us to discuss things in detail with Lorette and those who have taken the course. It really is like a family and I feel so privileged to be a part of it. I whole-heartedly recommend Slingababy. Whether you want to be a Babywearing Consultant, or just increase your knowledge. I cannot imagine a teaching school which offers more in the way of personal training and continuing training and support. Worth every penny.
Lorette has taught me so much in such a short period of time.  Her way of looking at the world has not just affected my carrying skills and made me want to spread that knowledge  but has affected the way I have been thinking about the world and my interactions with different people.

From a technical perspective I've learned so much about carrying in the four days and am eager to put that into practice in my own life and in teaching others.  Lorette's knowledge is amazing.

I am looking forward to sharing what I have learned and continuing to hone my skills as part of the Slingababy family.