– Brief history of carrying

We will explore how carrying came about and discuss how it has evolved in various parts of the worlds.

– Role and limitations of a peer supporter:
We will discuss our options as a peer supporter and visit the concepts of when to step in, when to help, when to refer, when to stay out and how to do so sensitively.

– Benefits of carrying:
We will discover the many physiological and emotional aspects of carrying both for parents and babies and how it can benefit society as a whole.

– Busting some myths
There are many myths surrounding parenting. Carrying did not escape the Chinese whispers so we will look into the common myths and discuss the science behind them.

– Safety and carrying
Whilst most carrying is straightforward, there are associated risks that need to be discussed in order to limit issues. We will visit guidelines and how to relate them to most baby practices.

– Perceived advantages and drawbacks of the different types of slings
We will explore what the general recommendations surrounding the different types of slings are and discuss how flexible these guidelines are.

Baby-carrying practical skills

– Basic front tying skills on various sling types
We will look at various sling types and learn a basic step-by-step for them all. We will explore common mistakes and how to troubleshoot in a time-restrained setting.
Woven Wrap
Stretchy Wrap
Ring Sling
Meh Dai
Buckle Carrier
Narrow-Base Carrier
and a few more….

Skills developed

Active Listening