When is Slingababy going to start running in-person courses again?!

This question keeps being asked. We are finding it tricky to plan with restrictions, uncertainties, travel limitations and with feeling that people are uneasy about big logistical commitments in advance.

We have now decided on course dates for 2022 (click here!). We are currently planning to run these courses remotely but we are keeping our fingers crossed that we will reach a point when we can alternate remote courses and in-person courses.
In the meantime, we are willing to start organising in-person courses again and adding extra dates in for those! All you need to do is to get a group together, just like we used to do.

There is a Facebook group to help you meet other people interested in organising a course (click here for the link). You can also find other students through alternative places.

  • For a course in Devon, we are willing to organise a course from 3 participants.
  • For a course in England and Wales, we are willing to organise a course from 5 participants.
  • For a course in Scotland or Northern Ireland, we are willing to organise a course from 7 participants.
  • For an international course, we are willing to organise a course from 15 participants due to potential quarantining times. Please note that our International Pricing is only available for remote courses (click here for more info).

If you have a group already or would like to register interest, get in touch via email: info@slingababy.co.uk

We also have a brand new course that we will launch next month!! and this one will be run in person, so keep an eye out for this one!

We can’t wait to get back to meeting you in the flesh