Want to buy new?

If you are looking into buying new, do visit the “Shops” section as it links to manufacturers and retailers all over the world!

Depending on the type of sling, it may be cheaper second-hand or cheaper new as some limited editions increase in value! Woven wraps need “breaking in” to make them softer so it may be easier to use a second-hand one.

High street shops, or general online shops, do have a very wide selection, including some options that may be a lot less comfortable in the long-run. If you are unsure of what you are getting, do pay your local library or consultant a visit. It might save you a lot of money in the long-run.

Want to buy second-hand?

If you want to get a second-hand sling, there are several places:

The Natural Mamas Forum is a great forum which has a very busy FSOT board (For Sale Or Trade). It can be a bit overwhelming, especially with the lingo  but everyone is friendly so you only need to ask.

There are many very busy Facebook groups:

Babywearing FSOT
Slings for Sale New and Preloved
Affordable Baby Slings For Sale Or Swap
Slings and Things – FSOT and advice.

It moves really fast so can feel a bit crazy! but you can put up what is called an ISO (In Search Of) to get what you want. And again, don’t be afraid to ask questions and ask them again if nobody answered first time!

There is also a Yahoo Group called UKBabywearingSWAP.

If you are willing to go global, The Babywearer Forum will give you access to worldwide second hand slings.

There are more groups being created nearly every day and also some local parenting boards where you can find slings too.

Have a read of this very detailed article by West Yorkshire Sling Library too.