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Feeding and Carrying Advocates Testimonials

This is the second Slingababy course I have attended and the experience is like nothing else. You learn so much and come away feeling empowered and passionate to make a change
Naomi Early
Lorette is the most inspiring trainer I have had the chance to meet in a while!
The tools I got from the course are an awesome resource to support families.
It was a pleasure to learn in such a safe, stimulating and open minded environment.
I highly recommend Slingababy’s courses!
Arianna Basile
I really love Lorettes approach to training. It's very gentle and clear, and she is able to transfer a lot of information in a very short time frame. I like that there is a lot of practical work alongside reflection of our own experiences and societal expectations.
Gemma Hamilton
Feeding and Carrying was my second course with Slingababy.
This course gave me another tool to add to my tool box, not only in terms of technique but in the way of approaching the subject and giving the options.
Lorette is a great teacher, that knows how to make her "students" be passionate about the topic. She shows you the path, but the choice is yours.
Marta Mroz
The course presented an ideal mix of theoretical knowledge, combined with practical skills, useful to implement in cases encountered in babywearing consultations, and more.
Cleopatra Tudorache