Spotlight on a Slingababy Consultant: Kimmy Milham

Can you give us a quick introduction as to who you are?
I am mother to Thomas (7) and Matilda (5) and I have a stepson Blake (12) with my husband Simon who is also a Peer Supporter in our Library. We live in Maidstone, and run Mid Kent Babywearing. We offer a Sling Library as well as workshops, social events, and consultancy services.

Can you tell us more about your journey from carrying to becoming a consultant to now?
I used to work in Visual Merchandising, and when I fell pregnant with my daughter a bit sooner than we planned I wanted to do something that kept me close to my children before they started school and I could return to work. Initially I applied to be a breastfeeding peer supporter, but as fate would have it the course was full, so I looked into how to train in babywearing as it was also my passion.

What is your favourite part about being a consultant?
I love being able to help so many people who would otherwise think they are unable to successfully babywear. I myself talked myself out of so many carriers because I thought they wouldn’t fit my body type, so I enjoy being able to open so many options to people who also believe they are limited or cannot carry.

Would you share a special memory that sticks out for you?
I can’t pick just one, every single message I get from happy clients makes me burst with pride. I remember them all and on my darkest days, or quiet weeks, I reread them and remind myself I am not an imposter!

What tip would you give yourself if you could get back to the time before you were a parent?
You’re not tired, you have no idea what tired is! Stop judging parents, you have no idea how hard it is! Oh and Super Nanny doesn’t have a clue.

Why did you choose to train with Slingababy?
I looked at all the babywearers I aspired to be like. I was in a lot of different Facebook groups and always admiring different videos or pictures, or even just their stories and personalities. I very quickly found all the educators I loved were part of the Slingababy family, so there was no question who I wanted to train with.

Do you want to say a few words about your Slingababy experience?
Slingababy has changed me beyond babywearing. The training made me look more into myself and how I approach others. The community has moulded me, and continues to do so to this day over 4 years later! It really is a family, even if I stopped babywearing (I won’t!) I know I would still have my Slingababy love.

How can people get hold of you?
You can reach me via the website on Facebook and Instagram @/MidKentBabywearing on Twitter @MidKentBW or via email on

Kimmy carrying her son Thomas on her front in a woven wrap