Babywearing Exercise: Some Steps in the Right Direction

As more and more parents in the UK discover the advantages of carrying their children close in slings and carriers, there is an increase in the number of ‘babywearing’ exercise classes. These classes are often marketed as being fun for parent and child, and helpful for mothers to regain fitness after giving birth.

That fiddly baby carrier chest strap.

hest strap, back strap, connecting strap – what ever you call it, that fiddly baby carrier chest strap is often the one thing that puts people off using a baby carrier in a front carry when the straps can’t be crossed over your back.
Here are a few ideas to help you fasten that strap – try them out and see how they work for you!

Adventures in Twinwearing

When I found out I was going to have twins, one of the things I was most excited about was trying out slings with two babies. I learned a lot about tandem babywearing during my School of Babywearing peer support and consultancy courses, and I had worked with a few twin parents prior to getting pregnant, so I knew that there were a lot of different options. I was looking forward to finding out what worked for us, and I was excited about trying out different slings from birth, as I mainly used a Moby Wrap or Bali Breeze with Lucas until he was around six months old.

My Conversation With Co-Sleeping Expert James McKenna

Dr. James J. McKenna is a professor of anthropology and the director of the Mother-Baby Behavioral Sleep Laboratory at the University of Notre Dame. He is a world-renowned expert on infant sleep — particularly the practice of bed sharing in relation to breastfeeding. In our conversations, he shared his insights on co-sleeping and bi-phasic sleep patterns and offered tips for new parents.

The Slingababy work-life balance

When I founded Slingababy, it was very important to me that I would find a new way of living, a way that embraced my family life as well as my passion for my job.

One thing that I always tell the Slingababy consultants is that there are many shapes and sizes for our businesses. Some people are committed to making a full-time job out of their consultancy and are looking for a full-time income to match their dedication and some have more of a volunteer approach to their work, and then there are all the shades in between. I also say to them, and I will tell you also, that if you resent an aspect of what you do, you need to tweak it until you are happy.

Pancake day at Slingababy HQ

Pancake day at Slingababy HQ

For me, the quest for the perfect work-life balance has led me to some very clear boundaries after a lot of trial and error. I used to answer emails, messages, queries, questions in groups as soon as they were pinging. Quite often, I was in the middle of spending some quality time with my son. This time was far from quality when I look back. What I also found is that my answers were not of the quality I wanted either. By doing everything all the time, I was doing a terrible job of everything! I also felt that I never had a break.


So what did I do? I created some rules for myself!


A typical fortnight looks like this:

Week 1

  • Monday: Family time. I may do some extra admin work during nap times and evening.
  • Tuesday: 100% Family time
  • Wednesday: Admin catch up!
  • Thursday: Do all the preparation for the course including shopping for refreshments. Driving to the location or clearing the space if the course is in Rugby.
  • Friday: 9 to 5.30 is teaching time, 5.30 to kids’ bedtime is family time. Early bedtime for all!!
  • Saturday: same as the day before
  • Sunday: same as the day before

Week 2

  • Monday: same as the day before
  • Tuesday: 100% Family time
  • Wednesday: Admin catch up!
  • Thursday: More admin catch up and extra projects
  • Friday: Family time. I may do some extra admin work during nap times and evening.
  • Saturday: Family time. I may do some extra admin work during nap times and evening.
  • Sunday: Family time. I may do some extra admin work during nap times and evening.
Standing desk for all the admin

Standing desk for all the admin

Admin work is varied and includes: answering queries from prospective customers, booking customers and previous customers, networking, improving services, marketing, accounting, branding, learning, research and development, blogging, web designing, juggling the diary, coordinating consultants and Slingababy team, supporting, reaching out to the community…… The to-do list is a bottomless one!


This means that non-urgent emails may have to wait a whole 7 days to get a reply. It also means that the sacrifices my family is making so I can follow my calling have the reward of dedicated quality time. Whilst I work with all my heart, I also play with all my heart. We just make sure not to overlap both activities. We also plan regular trips to visit family or recharge our batteries camping.


How do you handle your work-life balance?


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