Annamaria in Naples

About Annamaria in Naples


My name Is Annamaria, and I started working as an educator with deaf kids in the schools of my hometown, Naples.
But, as I became the mum of Alessandra (2009) and Lorenzo (2011), I discovered babywearing (and breastfeeding, too, but this is another story…Or not?!?): it was such a powerful but still simple thing!
I started studying it trhough the internet (watching also Lorette’s early videos!), and after months of trials and experiences, I began to sew my own line of baby carriers, Bottega Bubamara, which was also a blog and a YouTube Channel. In 2014 I quit sewing and attended my first babywearing course at Italian Scuola del Portare, but I felt there was something missing out… Then when in 2020 (just a few days before the great pandemic broke out) I attended Slingababy course, my “glasses” where different and made me able to meet parents’needs differently! Now I work with great satisfaction and happiness with families as a babywearing consultant, also offering breastfeeding support. Thanks Slingababy family!