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Kathrine at Bærekos bæreveileder in Trondheim, Norway


Babywearing mama since 2017, and babywearing consultant since 2020. I have been active both local in Trondheim and national in Norway since 2021. I love this community and hope to be a part of it for a long time ❤️  https://baerekos.no/  

Laura at Feeding and Sling Support Whitby in Whitby and Scarborough

Consultant, Feeding and Carrying Advocate

We are a sling library and run a free weekly social group in Whitby where you can access babywearing support or hire a sling for 2-4 weeks at a low cost. We also run monthly workshops which are free to attend aimed at newborn babywearing (0-3 months) and older baby and child wearing (4 months […]