Lorette Michallon

About Lorette Michallon


Founder and tutor

Above all, I am a mum.

I have two children Samuel and Alice and they are by far my most influential teachers! Baby-carrying made me the mother I wanted to be. From 2010 I went from knowing very little about carrying to living and breathing baby-carrying.

After a scientific career, I moved into event management before deciding motherhood was more fulfilling. Carrying my own children and understanding how deep the connection could be and how it created a kinder path for our family inspired me to spread this love further. After hours of personal research, 8 baby-carrying training courses, general teaching courses,  business courses, a doula course, hours of video making and analysing, hours of teaching parents, the Slingababy school was born and forever evolving.

I believe in the power of baby-carrying in order to make the world a better place. I believe that every person going through the Slingababy training course will feel empowered into spreading this thought. This belief drives me as a tutor and I give all my passion in every session I teach.