We are so excited to announce that we have partnered with the incredible J’Nel Metherell to deliver a brand new course: Slingababy breastfeeding peer support course!

We wanted to bring some extra depth to those who have attended the Feeding and Carrying Advocacy Course and it was really important to us to be done by someone we trust who understands the Slingababy ethos. J’Nel is an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) and La Leche League Leader (Breastfeeding counsellor) with a huge passion for bodywork and its impact on the breastfeeding relationship. She is also the founder of Milk Mentors, a breastfeeding peer support organisation that covers three counties.
J’Nel and Lorette have known each other for over a decade and are both passionate about supporting parents through their own unique journeys.

Both carrying and feeding are not activities happening in a vacuum so it makes sense to start bringing all these skills together, united by our loving compassionate outlook.

So can anyone become a Slingababy breastfeeding peer supporter? Yes, but to access this course you must have attended the Feeding and Carrying Advocacy course first as some of the concepts covered in this course are used as part of the breastfeeding peer support course curriculum.

You will find more information about this course here: https://slingababy.co.uk/breastfeeding-peer-support/