Back carry with a hip scoot with a Mei Tai

Hip scooting allows a safe way to get baby onto your back and ensures the apron is fully on baby’s back. Crossing the straps with them bringing support under the knee pits is the way I recommend with mei tais as it allows the optimum positioning and greatest comfort for both wearer and baby. Keeping it tight makes it a very comfortable way to carry. There are 2 ways of tying showed in this video. The second one is great for pregnant wearers as there is nothing on the belly. Here with a 21 month old toddler.

Ring Sling demo with a toddler

PAXbaby shows you exactly why you NEED a Ring Sling for your toddler!!! Front carry, hip side carry, reclined nursing position, back carry, high back carry RUB… what can’t you do with a Ring Sling? Allpositions except the RUB can be achieved without even taking baby away from your body, so for those of you with super clingy toddlers, this is the perfect solution! Load them on in front, swivel around to the back, it’s ALL possible in a supportive Ring Sling!
THANKS for watching these instructions & learning with PAXbaby!
*happy babywearing*

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